Find Out How MiraCool Products Really Work

It's hot out. The sun beats down as you work through the sizzling day. The heat is absorbing all of your energy. How are you supposed to work in these conditions? Take multiple breaks to be in the shade? For anyone looking to stay cool in the summer heat, there is an alternative. The safety company Occunomix manufactures a brand of products known as MiraCool.
What is MiraCool
MiraCool products come in the form of headbands, tie hats, ranger hats, and most popular, bandanas. All MiraCool products are designed to keep you cool through evaporation. After submerging a MiraCool product in water for some time, it can absorb enough to keep you cool all day long.
How Does It Work?
MiraCool and similar brands of cooling products are very simple. Each MiraCool product has a small, sealed pouch filled with what feels like grainy rocks or sand. Occunomix uses the term "cooling crystals" to describe them, but in reality they actually polymer crystals. These polymer crystals are capable of holding many times their weight in water. For example, one pound of polymer crystals can hold up to fifty gallons of water! That's why the polymer pouch is so small. If there were too many crystals embedded into a MiraCool product, it would become heavy and cumbersome for the user to wear.
To activate the polymer crystals, you simply need to submerge the product in water for an extended period of time. According to Occunomix, it only needs to be submerged for ten to twenty minutes before it's ready to go. Actual users, however, have stated that it can take up to forty five minutes for the entire absorption process to happen. Once the product has absorbed enough water, it is ready to begin cooling. The MiraCool cooling bandana, tie hat or headband is simply worn as you would wear a non-cooling headband, bandana or tie hat. As the water-filled product is exposed to heat, the water within the crystals will begin to evaporate, keeping you cool.
How Long Do They Last?
The length of the cooling duration depends on several factors. It depends on how many polymer crystals are in the specific product, how long the product was submerged in water, and how hot it is outside. Occunomix claims that MiraCool products work all day long or even longer, but those are most likely prime conditions. If used outside on a hot summer day, you should probably expect to get only several hours out of it. It's also worth noting that while Occunomix claims the product does not need to be frozen or chilled, the product will keep you cool longer if you do. MiraCool products don't need to be cooled, they just extend the cooling period.
In regards to the product's longevity, MiraCool products themselves can be reused thousands of times. Once Netvue camera google home has completely evaporated out of the polymer crystals, the product can easily be submerged and used over and over.

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